ID 1737

Aupair  to Australia/Swedish  family in Sydney.
Father/Medical Sales Representative/Mother/Human Resources Manager
The family living in house Sydney.
Children: 2 – baby twins – 4 month/helping the mother with the babies
Qualification: Non smoker, childcare experience, happy, positive attitude, fond of children, drivelicense
The family is looking for somebody who is organized, who prefer a structured environment and routine but also had a lots of energy is adaptable and is able to fit into the house
Child care duties: At this stage it is hard to tell, but it will include looking after two 4+ months olds (twins) to allow the mother to return to work.
Anything from feeding, changing, cuddling and playing, reading, running the vacuum around, emptying and stacking the dishwasher. If they attend a day care - drop off and pick up.
Langauge at home: Swedish - English
Language au-pair: English – plus Swedish
Work day/hour: 5 days/week,  40 hour/week, Pocket money: 300 AUD/week
Own room with full board and lodging.  
Pets: Cats, dog
Describtion family: We are a young family, that are currently expecting our first children (twins). We both play Handball (it is a super small sport here but there ares some teams). We have three cats (5,5 and 4 years old) and a puppy, she is currently 6 months but will be close to 1.5 yrs in January 2019. She is a German Shepherd and is well trained. We live in a big house, and the au-pair will have their own room adjacent to the twins, and their own bathroom. Duties will be more closely listed as the babies get older. It is expected that he babies will be sleeping and eating most during the early months hence why the duties will change as time passes.
Start date: At once  - 12 month
Manager Anita Rundberg Gullbarn
Museigatan 2, SE-451 50 Uddevalla, Sweden